All The Cards On The Table

April 1, 2010
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I know I need to call you one last time. The phone keeps ringing and I do not get an answer. I know in my heart, you are on the other line, crying in silence. I will never blame you, it was the worst mistake of my life. I promise you, it happened only one time. She was a total stranger, I gave in to my one moment of weakness. One false tempatation and you are gone. Temptation from a young curious heart. She does not mean anything to me.
I am so weak now, I do not know how much longer I have left, to see the beauty of gods sunlight, gods mountains and oceans. The Next sunset might be my last . The next street might be my final destination. I could not leave without telling you the unspoken words from my fragile heart. The Hurting has spread to every part of my body You are the only girl I truely love.
Chorus: Tonight, I am putting all the cards on the table, asking for forgiveness, asking for a second chance. Then If I leave with-out a warning I will leave without regrets
Bridge: It is now three years later, I have received my one miracle from heaven in the sky. I can once again walk on my two feet. They say the hurting can come back with-out a warning, so I am still on thin ice. I still have not heard from you. How much more do I have to give. I just need to hear your voice one more time. I will wait until my light fades out.

Copyright Cy L. 2010

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