In A World Full of Darkness, Why Aren't We Shining?

March 31, 2010
It's the little boy
Sitting alone on the swing...
No one will ever see his bruises,
But he sits in pain wondering what he did wrong.
When he goes home today,
His dad's drink will leave another mark
On his fragile body and soul.
Who will take his pain away?
Who will show this boy love?

It's the girl
Longing for perfection.
She wishes to be skinny
She won't eat today
And, if she does,
She'll punish herself
And watch the remnants of her guilt
Swirl down the toilet.
Who will take her pain away?
Who will show this girl love?

It's the girl with the scars
You will never see.
Her life is exploding out of control.
She has to do something
To release her pain.
The blood overflowing is her biggest comfort.
She wonders why no one in this world cares.
Who will take her pain away?
Who will show her love?

It's the old man
Laying in his bed
Wondering why
Nobody comes to see him anymore
And if tonight,
He will draw his last breath.
Who will take his pain away?
Who will show this man love?

It's this sad, lonely world
Full of people starving
For food and love.
They work all day for food or a hug.
And they get maybe a crumb.
Who will take their pain away?
Who will show them love?

It's the God of all things,
With His unfailing love
Pured out on the cross
Through His Son, Jesus' blood.
One day, He will take this world's pain away.
He has shown this world love.

I know I can't take anybody's pain away,
But I wll be the change this world needs to see.
And I will show this world love.

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