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what would you see?

March 13, 2010
By jeanines GOLD, Stony Point, New York
jeanines GOLD, Stony Point, New York
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"the only thing to fear, is fear itself."- theodore roosevelt

What would you see
When you see me
Just a lonesome child
Crying in the depths of a dark corner
With her heart split deep in the middle
Bleeding from the pain
Would you stand near me
Would you help me
Or would you simply walk away,
from my helpless dying body

What would you see
If you saw me cut myself
Because I just couldn’t handle the hurt any longer
So I took out on me
Would help fix my broken mind
Or just simply walk away

what would you see
If you saw me smoking
And new that was not who I am
Me, just following the crowd
Just trying to be like the others
Would you take it out of my peer pressured mouth
Or just simply walk away

What would you do if saw me
Not the type you can call pretty
Not the little cheerleader who gets all the attention
Would you scream from the terror of my exterior
And not realize it wasn’t me who chose this upon myself
Or would you just simply walk away

Life is filled with so many unforeseen choices that only you can choose your destiny to
So which ones will you?

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