March 30, 2010
I’ve seen you before,
I know I have,
I saw you somewhere…
But where and when escapes me,
Alludes me,
Confuses me.

Were we young?
Were we old?
Were we happy?
Were we distraught?

When I met you did I need a shave?
Had I brought my first car yet?
Or was I as old as I am now,
But no…
No, it was many years ago,
For you face seems to have changed, my friend.
I cannot pinpoint where,
But I have a feeling,
For you are…

Grizzled—and hazy—
Strange and uncertain—
You look lived in.
I wonder who had done it to you?
Have you always been this old?
Have your eyes always been so dark?
Or, should I say,
So blank?

Is it my fault.
Your eyes—
I mean?
Did I do this to you…?
What did I say?
I feel terrible that I cannot remember?

You see it was just so long ago,
And I really, really feel like I know you.
I really want to know you.
I want to see you.
I want to catch up.
I want to know where you’ve gone,
What you’ve learned,
What you’ve said,
What you’ve done with your life!
For all of it has seemed to pass by!
One moment friends and now I barely know you,
My brother.

I do not mean to forget, I just cannot remember!
Just let me look!

I feel as if I know you!
For into the mirror at which I am—
You are so very very clear.

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