NIght Terrors

March 30, 2010
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When I close my eyes I fall back into oblivion
I feel the peace settle over me and consume me
But then the nightmares start up,
Tonight it might be them burning me alive
Or peeling my skin off slowly
Or my body being eaten by ravenous beasts
And I know I kick and scream into the night with no one
To hear my frightened cries.
I toss and turn, the blankets twisting about my body
And in my head their giant beasts strangling me
And I knock something over and I hear it shatter but in my head
It’s my bones and I yell in the pain that does not exist
And I try to run, to get away, but I’m dreaming
And no matter how hard I try their always one step ahead
And my heart beats fast till it might explode inside me
And I’m being shaken awake but in my dreams
It’s people trying to hurt me, trying to kill me
And I fight them and I scratch them with my nails
And they shake me harder, they call my name and I scream silently
And will there be no escape, and my heart pounds
And I breath heavily, and sweat pours from my body, as my eyelids
Twitch in horror, and finally, I’m ripped from the danger
I’m thrown back into the dark room , where blankets are just blankets,
And I cry because I was so afraid, so afraid. But it’s okay,
And I go back to sleep, only to wake hours later with an image on my mind and
A scream poised on my tongue.

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