March 29, 2010
Skies a dull gray, swirling in anger
A cauldron of pent up energy and emotion ready to burst
pregnant with a downpour. It will soon commence,
slowly first but then…gaining confidence
in its unstoppable command.

Suddenly. Gargantuan drops cascading down the hills,
Flooding the valley, engulfing the ravines
Draping the world with a scintillating cloak
of evanescent rain.

The trees sway their seemingly spindly limbs
In protest to the rampant rains and whining winds.
Shaking their leaves, spraying droplets
Of wet, clear liquid on the already sodden earth.

Thunder cracks and lightning flashes,
Illuminating the now marine world with silhouettes of
What it once was.

Soon it will cease and the skies will clear,
But for now
The storm continues to rage,
Strong and ruthless,
A Juggernaut

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