My body is not your toy

March 29, 2010
By Introductions BRONZE, Calgary, Other
Introductions BRONZE, Calgary, Other
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My body is dynamic, never still
It's sprung, complete, aerodynamic
It knows how a child sprints and how an athlete flies
It's been a un-hesitant gymnast, and a hesitant one
It's spent years building muscle mass so that it can defy gravity
It bends like no other, stretching and winding as if bones did not exist

Dont tell me my body is delicate, when I know its a functioning machine
Just because you dont see it as a contortionist, or a powerhouse
Doesnt mean it isnt

My Body Is Not Your Toy.

My body is one step ahead of my brain, it knows,
What comes next
It is small, but it is not to be overlooked
Not to be taken advantage of
Dont think you can control my body
My body controls me

My body is an all star cheerleader.
Do not use that word to stereotype me
I am an athlete.
Who tosses other athletes, visual art before your eyes
Do not underestimate what I do
My body has been trained to be strong and to be tight while
On the ground, when I become a completely different human, throwing and catching and flipping
And now learning, to be the same tight, strong, human in the air.

My body is adaptable.

I cannot even begin to imagine what occurs in my body internally
Because, pitifully, there are times when the shell of my body is the focus of my existence
And even though its more ideal, I cannot blame the world for making me feel like that
The only one who makes me feel that way, is me
I am prisoner to my own being, demise
I cant excuse that.

The spirit known for abiding in the hearts and souls of the people of Earth, lives in my muscles
My every existence lives within those sly tendons
They drive
They push
They are elastic and limber
They propel my forward, propel my into the air
They hold the keys to my freedom

I was born with an irregularly fast heartbeat, called a murmur
Its instinctive to be focused on not focusing
No medicine, I will let my body do what it wants.
Poetry in motion, I am unstoppable.

I would suggest, that you do not treat me as a juvenile responsibility.

Im so much tougher than I like to let you see
I am not made of glass

Of course, my body is not all intensity
I like to have fun. Sometimes, All the time.
I'll do guilty things, that will slow it down and slog it up
But then my body recovers, and grows better
What doesnt kill me makes stronger

My body is Stained with bruises and welts
War wounds of all the limits I broke and shattered
It is covered with long ago injuries that never fully went away
I've hit the mat. Hard
I've hid my tears
I've walked away,
Only to come running back, more Furious and Serious than before
Pain is weakness leaving the body.

Do not misjudge me.
Do not underestimate me.
Do not lower your exceptions, i will break them. You will look like an idiot.
I will surprise you.
My revenge on the world.

The author's comments:
I need respect

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