March 29, 2010
By SlamminMan GOLD, Sandown, New Hampshire
SlamminMan GOLD, Sandown, New Hampshire
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The sky opens as I stare through the cloudy stars
And I see nothing.
Tears fill my eyes
Mixed with the wet falling water.
My eyes weep as I run from my tears
As they flow from my eyes.
And I scream from the dreams.

I’ll run, from the right that feels wrong,
And pretend to stand here, strong
In front of the family I kissed goodbye.
As I wait here, prepared to run and lie,
Under the light with n- north star the aid me.
Or save me from myself.

My past
It burns a sick hole through my heart,
Like the acid spit you aimed in my direction.
You didn’t even bother,
To tell me my in correction.
So please stand,
And show us your imperfection.

I see the sky,
As it lies above your artificial high.
And you never could kiss me goodbye.
As long as I stand here behind you.
Like your base though I resent you.

You tell me to look at the sky,
As though I’m in your shoes,
But I’d rather be in your eyes
Cause that way I’m never looking down.
As though seeing the ground would ever move me forward.

So, as the sky opens,
I’ll dream.
And it’ll seem as though the rest of the world
Is looking down on me,
Though I know
It is just a reoccurring memory,
Of my subconscious mind.
In this poor unconscious me.

The present.
Seemingly undeniable to resent
As I stand here.
Activated by the bold screaming through my veins,
Carrying adrenalin through to my reins.
And running my life dry.

And sorrow,
A forgotten feeling.
The same feeling I get when the ceiling drips hope
And the windows creak with preservation.
The floor boards, wobble as my dreams come
Crashing through the door,
As my mind is let loose,
Just a little bit more.

Now, I see what has broken the mend
Between my heart and my pen,
As I lash out unforgiving images with writing.
Like a million broken hearts sighing,
As you fix the hearts that are dying,
And please shut up with all this lying,
So I can stop trying to write your future,
In my own words.

My time.
Is no more of this broken lie.
No more of this broken heart in time.
Or this seemingly meaningless rhyme.
How can you even say that,
After everything I gave you
And praise you
On everything that made you.

You keep trying to break me
And take me away
And take me to this place you think will shake me.
Though I’m not the same as I used to be.
It’ll take a lot more to put another scar on my soul you see.
So take another look at me.

Just follow the words you say through my veins
And watch as no line leaves a stain on my soul.
And no memory leaves a broken hole
In my heart.
As I click restart
On a new beginning.

And say goodbye,
To all this sinning
And I pray, that this new beginning will start today.
As my mind traces the places I’ve been.
And praises the lord I don’t believe in.

So please, just listen.
And think about today before you say anything more.
Because as the sky opens,
I’ll dream of tomorrow and forget this broken sorrow.
Cause this is my resurrection.
And I know it’s headed in the right direction.

The author's comments:
This piece is very unique and strong to me and I wrote it thinking about things I've gone through and how I've felt. It just shows that I will pick myself up and push on.

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on Jul. 12 2010 at 5:49 pm
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-Randy Pausch

Wow, I really liked this piece, beautiful and strong, excellent imagery and figurative language.  Awesome job.

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