April 8, 2010
By OctaviousWolfman BRONZE, Weslaco, Texas
OctaviousWolfman BRONZE, Weslaco, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
''Imperfection is my perfection"

Peace treaty?
That's weak

Where's the violence?
Where are the guns?
Don't you hypocrites try to act like nuns

You're all the same
You're all just trying to rule the game
of war
But in reality you're just making your citizens more poor

What's the point of fighting for earths core
For what? A couple of years of glory and roar
For Pride? Please!

That's why you leaders use your soldiers lives
So that you can run and hide
Instead of fighting Bin Laden
yourself with a knife

Almost a decade and you still can't find one man!
So much technology so much advancement
And you still can't destroy the middle east barricade

You're not harming them
You're killing us!
You're weakening your own immune system

America The Great? Ha-Ha
How about America The Worlds New Shark Bait

The author's comments:
You be the witness of why I wrote this poem...

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