March 28, 2010
By Daniel_Scott SILVER, Chandler, Arizona
Daniel_Scott SILVER, Chandler, Arizona
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Dreary thoughts march through my head
Leaving it nothing more than a battleground
Past contention leaves it empty now
Hollow and lacking
Like that drawer that you dare not open
Lest you be reminded of what used to lay there
I'm sorry to say, my past gifts are gone now
Distributed among those who dare not reciprocate

And so I'm left a phantom
Wandering these empty halls
My fingers reach out to connect with the cold metal
Of your locker that lies empty now
And the swift shock returns me to the middle of a laughing crowd
The air is so saturated with jokes and rumors
That I dare not breathe so that I don't choke
But such is life
"Keep your chin up, kid," they say
"Sometimes you need to be your own fuel"
"Sometimes a slow burn is just enough to keep you going"
And I suppose they're right
If there were just something left to burn

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