Love Is Pain (It's Beautiful)

March 13, 2010
By Anonymous

I can barely breathe,
My lungs are constricted,
My heart's in a vice,
I can barely feel anything,
Only pain.

I've sewn my eyes shut,
So no one can see the tears in my Eyes.
I tore off my ears,
So I could stop hearing the lies That seemed so true.
I ripped out my heart,
Because love killed me.

I ripped open my eyes,
So I could gaze into hers.
I sew my ears back on,
So I could hear her beautiful Voice.
I give her my heart,
So she could see it beats for only Her.

The author's comments:
This is for the girl I love, my ex. I'm not sure if she loves me, but I'll still love her if she doesn't.

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