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March 8, 2010
By Valor_Fox BRONZE, San Jose, California
Valor_Fox BRONZE, San Jose, California
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Each day it seems as though it’s just another day, Repeating endlessly throughout time.
But once in a while a Holiday, Birthday, Wedding, or something like that comes up.
On those days, we celebrate them with great choruses, laughter, and smiles.
In our own way, we are happy.
And in the mitts of it all, we forget about all the surprises that come on an ordinary day.
They could be as small as scoring an A on a test or as big as your love proposing to you.
It’s not like we know they’re going to happen,
But it gives us that warm feeling inside that we need to keep on pushing forward.
We should treat each day like something special. But then we think why should we treat each day as such?
Or, why should I do that for each boring day that I live through?
There is a simple answer to these questions.
Each day, we see our friends and family, And in each day they would love you for who you are and what you are.
It doesn’t matter how many houses you own or how much money you have,
But it does matter if you have someone or something you love with all your heart and it loves you back.
It matters if you are kind to your friends and they’re kind to you back.
It matters if your love for your family is strong and their love for you is too.
It matters if you love yourself for who you are and what you are.
You could be right next door or thousands of miles away and they will still love you.
It will matter about your hope for the future of these people,
Because they are a part of your life and they think you’re special.
When your feeling down they would help you and I bet you would do the same for them.
And if your lonely, they are there just like you would be there for them.
Each day matters for everyone that each day is here. It’s almost like each day holds a photo album and a camera.
You can always go back and look through the pictures.
So, wouldn’t it be good to leave each day feeling pleased rather then feeling that it was another day wasted?
So, rethink of this message and remember,
Each day counts for another ounce of happiness in your life.

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