The Warning

March 8, 2010
By kae17 BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
kae17 BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
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Would it matter
that all my lies had truth in them?
that all my wrongs had rights?

Would it matter
who was responsible for my downfall?
you never did look for fault
so innocent of you

Would it matter
that saving you meant losing myself?
you dragged me down
and you never looked up once

Would it matter
that the nights are turning to mornings
that my time is coming
pretty soon you will be at the bottom
and i’ll be on the top

Would it matter
if i told you that to be first
you must be last?

Would it matter
to give you a heads up?
your time is coming to an end
and mine to a start

Would it matter
to warn you?

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