The Forever Road

March 8, 2010
By JordT BRONZE, Nortonville, Kentucky
JordT BRONZE, Nortonville, Kentucky
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Favorite Quote:
" What you see in the mirror is only a reflection, not who you are on the inside."

Footprints in the soil
Disappearing as I walk
A purple sky stretched out
The land is quiet and calm
A breeze of whispers
The road, a neverending distance
Forever seems to far away
The only thing left to do it wait
Allow time to walk its path
Trusting the road
To take me where I need to go
Begin as child, so sweet, innocent
Stopping along the way
A voice whispers a lullaby
The moon half way in the sky
Youth is taken away from me
As I travel down this path
Ageing so gracefully
Knowing time will soon end
There is something I do know
I will take my time
Walking down the forever road

The author's comments:
Everyone does not cherish the moments there are in life, wanting to grow up so fast and having the youth disappear, taken forgranted. This poem describes life's worst moments. We all have to walk the forever road one day, because if you dont, forever will take forever to come.

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