Don't Stretch that Smile too Far

March 8, 2010
By lizzy96 GOLD, Atglen, Pennsylvania
lizzy96 GOLD, Atglen, Pennsylvania
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I used to think laughter was always a good sign
A sign that everybody was getting along
I thought that whenever there was laughter bubbling out of a room,
Smiles were stretching across everybody’s face
But then I saw a loner
Somebody who wasn’t laughing
Actually, they were hurting
In the same room as the others
But instead of basking in the laughter,
They were suffocating in it
Dying a slow and painful death
In a place where good is bad
A place where silence outruns happiness
Because wherever there is happiness,
It is a stab at them
It is a hard job to be the source of happiness
To dish out full servings whenever anybody needs a good laugh
So why do people do it?
Why do they just stand there and give it all they have
Until they are so empty
The tickles of laughter left echo throughout them
Until it fades to almost nothing
Until another thunder clap comes along
Looking for them
Looking for another round of this game
A game that kills
From the inside out

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