I hate you, but I love you, so don't leaves?

March 7, 2010
I am so tired of the way to treat me.
I hate that you left and are making me do this alone.
We all know you won't be there.
I could be on my death bed and you wouldn't be there.
I hate feeling so breakable
And I feel this way beacuse I am
I hate how you broke me in half what 5 times now?
I hate how I keep going back to you
I hate how I feel when other guys touch me.
It scares me I flinch everytime.
I hate how I never flinched when you touched me.
I hate how I feel so safe with you.
Even though in your arms is the most dangerous place for my heart to be.
I hate how stupid you make me feel without even trying.
I hate how beautiful you made me feel by the way you used to look at me
I hate how you are my everything still to this day.
I hate how you could careless about what happends to me
I hate how you used to care so much
I hate how you put everyone else before me
I hate the feeling I used to get when you told me you loved me.
I hate that I'm never getting that feeling again
I hate that I'm going to die alone cause I won't ever love anyone like I love you
I hate that I cry when I hear a sad song
Or when I see a couple walking down the street
I hate how worthless I feel
I hate that your not my bestfriend anymore
I hate that you won't even try
I hate that you don't love me anymore
I hate how alone I am
I hate that you are the only person I trust in this world
I hate how I trusted you never to leave
I hate how you left
I hate that you were my only real friend
I hate that your gone
I hate that I still love you
Only because you don't love me
I hate that I would do anything to get things right
I hate that you can just walk on by
I hate that you ignore me
I hate how you can move on in a day
I hate that you lied to me so many times
I hate the choices we made
I hate that they made you leave
I hate how I love you
I hate that I love you
I love the old us
I love the day at memas
I love our first kiss
I love the way you loved me
I love the way it made me feel
I love the way I can tell you anything and you always found a way to help
I love that I love you
" I hate you but I love you so don't ever leave"
But your gone
And I HATE that.

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