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March 7, 2010
My writing has always
been subtle yet fierce-
designed with a purpose that’s
hoping to pierce
your thick, steel,
unlovable shell
to reach the soft center
of a heart that would tell
all of the truths
you’ve been dying to speak.
Your pain would then crumble
and I would not leak
silvery teardrops
that slide down my cheeks.
So until I can reach you,
I’ll write on. I’ll write on. I’ll write on.

It’s at night when these words
tangle up in my head
chaos of feelings
from things left unsaid.
The weight of the sorrow
From lyrics and notes
makes pencil lead break
on the words that I wrote.
Thoughts of the world
float through my mind-
pictures like flashbacks
of girls left behind.
It’s hard to imagine
a future that’s kind.
So beneath my warm covers,
I dream on. I dream on. I dream on.

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