The Shame of Victory

March 7, 2010
We sit, stomachs churning, twisting
Anxiously anticipating the declaration
Of our fate from the calm announcer.

Arms yearn for bonds of fraternity,
Like open hands seeking alms.
Out of bowed heads and frantic wishes,
A circuit of unity is charging with hope.

From the womb of our dreams,
Victory is borne and with a rush
It cries to the world,
Cheers of relief rippling from our mouths.

Unsettling silence follows,
Making us for the first time aware
That the delivery of our desires is coupled
With the mourning of all others.

The cruelty of our blatant joy
In the face of such agony
Resounds through our souls,
Striking us cord by cord.

Never again shall we cause such pain,
Be forced to deal with such sinking shame.

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