Atlas' Curse

March 7, 2010
The sky is quaking,
My bones are breaking,
I am shaking,
But won't fall,
I am crushing,
From the wieght,
Upon me,
My blood's rushing now,
If i loose,
We loose it all,
If i fall it's coming down,
Shattering all alround,
Broken to pieces,
Crushed by our own sky,
Not the final battle,
But our last battle cry,
You come to save me,
To take the burden i bare,
You think you're ready,
But your unprepared,
You take the sky off my shoulder's,
You got on your knees,
Hoping with everything,
Just begging please,
To let you carry such a wieght,
For just alittle longer,
You have a plan,
A secret plan,
You trick him back,
For the final attack,
You win.

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