Guns and Us

March 6, 2010
They’re used for peace.
They’re used for war.
They’re blamed for our world’s problems.
While it only takes one bullet to start a war, it takes a bomb to end it.
As we blame guns for everything, lest we forget that one of our nation’s most horrific events was not caused by a bullet, but a simple plane that anyone has access to.
What about the bullet in our hearts.
The bullet that compels us to do these things.
The bullet that pushes us to the point where we would use guns to scar or take another human’s life.
That bullet.
The bullet that comes out of a political gun.
A political gun which is powered by anger and fear.
As these guns, real or not, are being used in the harshest and most violent ways imaginable, we continue to point fingers to the people who do nothing.
And sometimes,
Nothing is the problem.
We sit around doing nothing.
All day.
Every day.
For our whole life.
But when the world is in this state, nothing is all we can do.
And we have no one to blame for it but ourselves.
So, all in all, it is us that we blame for this.
Guns? No.
Bombs? No.

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