After The Storm, A Little Hope Arises From The Pain.

March 6, 2010
By Anonymous

After the storm, a little hope arises from the pain.
After the pain is gone and dealt with,
You are left with what is, not what you think.
You must be hurt to realize everything you need,
Because love, faith, and fear blind you.
They mask everything.
Making you afraid… of what’s to come,
Of what you’ll become,
Of who will be there left, with you.
After the pain, you lock up, and leave everyone out.
With thunder and fog surrounding you,
After the storm,
It clears everything.
Your mind, your heart, your fears.
After the pain, the numbness comes.
You allow yourself to see what you wouldn’t acknowledge.
The only good that comes from this
From the heartaches, the losses, and the pain
Is that you find yourself.
Who you really are, and who you were.
Hope comes in the form of a new beginning.
A new horizon, a new page, a new bandage.
After the storm, a little hope arises from the pain.

The author's comments:
I just recently got over a break up. I lost contact with that other person, and saw things differently. From a different perspective, after the pain was gone.

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