Feeling's So Strong&But Falling Apart

March 6, 2010
i see you,i like you,my heart beats for you,when i see you in theater class it races until i smile and look back and see you smiling,i maybe different in someways but my feelings i know are real,i cant really explain it but its all so true,i like you more than i could ever have,am i wrong for what i say and do to let you know how cute you are?tell me why so sweet but why so shy for i weep in my dreams that i cant beside of your eyes?even though i might end up moving even for a short period of time my eyes look deep with in yours and wish upon i am the one,shall i say that more than once for i cant stand to stop thinkng of saying it,i like you and for i am truely falling apart knowing im moving soon and wont see you no more execpt you're pics i so adore.

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