There Once Was A Girl

March 6, 2010
By Minas94 BRONZE, San Diego, California
Minas94 BRONZE, San Diego, California
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There once was a girl
Beautiful was she
But trapped was her being
Too weak to break free

Confined in her heart
She wailed into the night
Broken and dying
Full of sorrow and spite

This once lovely girl
With jade for eyes
Has lost her beauty
Turned grey from the lies

And the lies spark the fear
And the fear sparks the hate
And with all of her pain
This is too much to take

With broken heart
Broken eyes
Trapped in herself
The pain rules her life

Until finally she breaks
And the tears on her face
Cascade even faster
A waterfall, summer rain

But the rain isn’t just water
It’s the rich ruby blood
From the veins in her wrist
From the throat she has slit

Her heart was broken
And her mind as well
Her head full of darkness
Living was hell

And death is now heaven
To the shattered being that once was
A beautiful girl, such a darling girl
The pain was simply just too much

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