The Wrong Side

February 27, 2010
By PigNorton BRONZE, Danville, Indiana
PigNorton BRONZE, Danville, Indiana
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The promised land is a featureless plain,
Devoid of life, devoid of companionship.
I went, expecting to find paradise.
Plentiful water, plentiful space, and top notch entertainment.
These things I was promised.
But now I cannot find a gate through which I can reach this heaven,
And I came unprepared for a return trip.
It could be worse though, I have peace, I have quiet,
And most of all, I have a beautiful view of the nighttime sky.
Thinking of these things, perhaps it is paradise, in its own way.
But still, someone could have told me that it was a damned Dyson Sphere.

The author's comments:
This one kind of requires that you know what a Dyson Sphere is, (Actually, a Dyson Shell if you want to be exact, but I don't.) but if you do I think it's amusing.

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