Who I was.

February 27, 2010
By miaterrifica BRONZE, Romeoville, Illinois
miaterrifica BRONZE, Romeoville, Illinois
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I am from days that were too long, and nights I still can’t remember.
From moon cheese, figs, and noots.
And hiding in the treetops, waiting for my turn to seek.
I am from Ludacris and Metallica.
Karaoke in the shower and rock concerts in the living room.
I am from liar liar and go play in traffic.
Cute sleepy voices and sweet loving whispers.
Infuriated phrases followed by hollow apologies.
I am from fixing lines to staying in them.

I am from bleached white walls and shiny metal needles.
Trick or treating with the ones in white coats.
I am from “she’s so easy” to “don’t be such a smart mouth”
From smiling like I mean it, and hiding just one secret.
Calling up the guy who broke my best friend’s heart,
And answering the guy who broke mine
I am from fifteen extra push ups and three extra laps
The sweat and breath of those I support also supporting me
I am from chocolate syrup and standing against the wall.

I am from keeping a straight face and letting it all out
The freaks in the corner and chugging to the beat
From calling it quits and calling it even
Dinosaur bones and broken sandals
I am from Power Rangers and Gummie Bears

I am from walking to Wendy’s and fighting like a girl
Yup, mhmm, okay. That’s dandy.
From crazy times calling for drastic measures.
Bored to tears, and living my fears.
Quality work in messy writing
I am from hating the game, and hiding behind a mask.

This is me.

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