February 27, 2010
I run into the field to catch what I think I see
A girl that is calling my name
Wondering why and how she knows my name
She has a chew toy in her hand calling my name
Wondering were I am
Who is this girl
She looks familiar
I have heard her voice before
But were?
I get closer to her to see if I know who it is
I get closer and closer but I can’t manage to get to her quick enough
Time is ticking
Tick tock tick tock
It is getting darker and colder
She is calling my name over and over again
I think to myself, “Is this a dream?”
Because the farther I went the farther she was away from me
I finally get closer and the closer I get the better I see her face
I know who this is, I certainly do
I hear her call my name some more
When am I going to get there?
I stop for a moment because I see a squirrel
Then proceed running to retrieve the girl and beat her before she leaves
I hear another girl perhaps a women calling the girl
The girl replies in a question, “What Mother?”
The girl asked her mother if she can stay outside for a few minutes
And does
As the wind blows in my fur I feel a breeze of coldness
I am almost to her
Then I finally realize that she is my owner
The one who took me in from the pound or as I call it the Jail cell
She saved my life
As I am running I run faster to get to her face to face
I was running like a cheetah but probably slower
I finally get to her
She asks me, “Were have you been all day?”
I try to reply but the only words that come out of my mouth is a barking noise

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