Pandora's Box

March 23, 2010
By OliviaBrown BRONZE, Smyrna, Georgia
OliviaBrown BRONZE, Smyrna, Georgia
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Blessed with beauty, love, wisdom,
and most of all, curiosity.
She was blessed with being the protector of a majestical box.
But out of pure curiosity, she opened the box.
All Earth's evil was released,
thriving to this day.
War; the ones that are slowing destroying our world.
Famine; the low supply of food in multiple countries.
Malice; the feeling so many have to hurt others.
Sickness, and the millions that die because of it.
Crime, and the negligence it causes.
As well as pestilence, that bathes in destructiveness.
Spite, that causes a malicious response to those who feel it.
Cruelty; so willingly causing pain to others.
Envy, and the discontent it causes.
As well as overall wickedness.
But hope remained plastered at the bottom of Pandora's box.
And we were blessed with the fact that hope will never leave us.
if only for an instant.

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