Haven Kitchen

March 23, 2010
Mom seasons the cold, featherless chicken;
Dad sits on the chair by the countertop

A dull, ruby backsplash with the
popular, ancient look influences
the dirty-looking tiled flooring
Family pottery leans against the
backsplash, some from 3rd grade,
others from the Dominican Republic
Earthy tones keep them captivated
while the sun begins to set on them
Ceiling lights hesitate to turn on
after their moments of flickering

Conversations about the economy,
conversations about the office
Dad talks about which one of his
friends got laid off today
Mom talks about all the gossip
and bickering between her colleagues

The beans bubble loudly, more than usual,
most likely caused by the new appliances
Puerto Rico’s aroma escapes from the pot
Flame is lowered, and the dark, emerald
pot begins to progressively simmer down

Eavesdropping from my dark bedroom,
I wonder what situation my parents dwell
on tonight; is the issue bigger than before?
Should I worry endlessly about it tonight?

Making my way from my room, the vast
conversation continues to progress
No secrets between us, no secrets at all
Since nothing needs to be hidden,
everything seems to be more than okay

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