The paths of our lives

March 22, 2010
By awesomeSarahPoetPerson PLATINUM, Richmond, Other
awesomeSarahPoetPerson PLATINUM, Richmond, Other
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The paths of our lives are misleading
At times they lead us towards each other
At others they lead us far away
Some of us run on roads that just go in circles
Some lead them running into the dark
For some the dark is scary
For others it is comforting
For me it’s both
While im falling into the ever growing darkness
I am scared
Im also happy that Im not running on a false track
Something leading me on with lies
With false hope
I can be comforted knowing the dark is real
It doesn’t give you a false illusion
It shows exactly what it is
Exactly what you are getting yourself into
The dark doesn’t wear a mask
Nor do I
At least not anymore
Not since I realized what the world really is
That there is no point to hiding who you really are
I see that you have to embrace the pain
That life throws at you
The misery that leads you farther down the trails
Into the midnight abyss
The depression is mostly cause by ourselves
We lead our own lives after all
We create the problems that cause us to cry
And the day you learn how to stop crying
Is the day you learn how to truly be real
We are all non-existent until we see the world
So are the misleading paths
That break us

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