March 22, 2010
By vexconxx BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
vexconxx BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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A Gray Cloud is alone

Solo in the sky.
Gust blend with it,

into a storm, it becomes.


Boost the Intensity

Raging Chaos

Demonic Motions

Rips to Tears

Tears to Gashes.

Rivers turn over, rapids emerge.

Hurricane death
swirls around
a blackened sky.

Crimson lighting
rips open the clouds.....

only to reveal
a pitch black monstrosity

oceans turn into boiling infernos.
rain falling, cutting like glass shards
ripping open section of earth.

all this happening at once.

thoughts are silenced,


by the chaotic storm cluster

that is seen through the window.....

The author's comments:
this poem is a visual representation of mixed feelings and how it feels when your mind cannot figure something out. the ability to not understand what you are feeling stats to upset you. that feeling of irritation on top of the other mixed feelings you have gives your mind a whirlwind of emotion. utterly creating (in the sense) a violent storm in your mind.

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