A Message to the Teenage Species

March 22, 2010
By Scarlett BRONZE, Gulfport, Mississippi
Scarlett BRONZE, Gulfport, Mississippi
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We are in the middle yet so spread apart from the rest.
Its a time of frustration and a time that we bring forth our best.
We have to choose our categories early, in middle school perhaps.
We better choose the right one too.
Or we would only become apart of the odd pack.
cell phones and internet, speeding cars and more, at this time, thers so many places of wrecklessness, that we cant help but want to endure.
Its in our nature, its in our veins, that we feel like we should rebel against the world and let our age group reign.
Arguments with parents, feelings of thinking no one understands.
We feel we are left in this world lost and alone.
When no one meet our demands. It doesn't matter if we are wearing the black cloths and the black make up.
Or wearing designer cloths with blonde hair.
We are all in this together.
teens, are the same everywhere.
Some pronounce our voices, some are too shy to care.
some believe they are too independant and feel like saying what they think is too unfair.
Little kids annoy most of us. Parents and elders the same.
Some of us like elders, and little kids we can tame.
but all in all. in some shape or form. We are all in this together. from the jock to the goth, to the artist to the loner, to the surfer, to the prep,to the ones that life, they couldn't bare (and took) we are all the same. Just open your eyes and look. We are a species in our own. That will never change either. No matter what race, or color, a teen is a teen. No one else understands us, but we may not be as difficult as we seem. One day maybe, we'll get together and notice this, and make a well bonded team. Perhaps we could bring this world what it really needs.

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