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March 22, 2010
By neonskies3423 BRONZE, Barrington, Rhode Island
neonskies3423 BRONZE, Barrington, Rhode Island
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Well really the truth is barely spoken,
I’m not quite sure that I want to speak my truth.
It’s too hard to not be judged on what you have done.
My little space in my own world is very small.
It is very similar. Everyone is like everyone.

I am myself, whether people like it or not.
Many close friends have let me down.
I have let myself down.
Too many expectations, hopes, and dreams
I have been abandoned.
Standing alone.
Being “unloved”
Being alone.
Not sure how to succeed.
Not loving just one thing.
No passion, just kind of floating in your own misery.
Not one person noticing your feelings.
Pretending everything is all right.
Faking it till it hurts.
Dealing has been truly painful.
Not knowing what to do, not knowing how much to tell.
Can’t let yourself, be yourself.

I am what I am.
Am I?
Really think…are we who we are?
Or are we what people think we are.
We try to be something we are not.
We all do it.
Don’t deny it.
Can’t hide it.
Hope and dream.
But never leave.
We are all the same.
Yet, very different,
All following, but some leading.
Separating from the pack, staying close.
Wanting to be ourselves, but we don’t know how.
That’s how we are the same.
We all follow.
We all lead.
We are all doing the same.
That’s how we are the same.

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