Rocking Horse

March 22, 2010
By Petrie BRONZE, Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania
Petrie BRONZE, Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania
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"You only really know it's over once the hero dies."

Thinking back on the days,
Where my heartache is from.
Now, a piece of furniture,
In what my world has become.

I've worked so hard for this life,
And I've waited so long.
Never did I give up,
I pertained to stay strong.

I feel differently now,
As if I'm living a lie.
But because I have doubts,
Is it still worth a try?

Back and forth on a rocking horse,
As the church tower sings.
The starry sky frowns upon us,
Because we want different things.

The constant push to move forward-
The battlefield of attack,
With her fear of commitment,
Forever holding us back.

If I no longer love her,
Then why does this hurt?
Falling tears from my eyes,
Trace my cheeks as they burn.

Her love has mood swings,
We're a stumbling bliss.
Is it wrong to believe,
I deserve better than this?

But when my heart has been silenced,
Still, my rocking horse sways.
My spirits will have risen,
And in so many ways.

Her eyes are my safety,
Where solace is found.
My armor, protection,
Of a deep golden-brown.

She uses words as the wings,
Of a bird flying high.
An eagle soaring with freedom,
Through an endless blue sky.

There's a feeling of comfort,
In the air as she speaks.
Her voice, soft like the sound,
Of a light ocean breeze.

With such a love, she teases me,
To invite me ashore.
But it's not worth anything,
It's not worth fighting for.

Cast away my demands,
As my emotions divorce.
Nothing ever compares,
To my old rocking horse.

The author's comments:
This piece was inspired by heartbreaking experiences.

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