It Ends

March 21, 2010
By neonskies3423 BRONZE, Barrington, Rhode Island
neonskies3423 BRONZE, Barrington, Rhode Island
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Tonight it all ends
We turn over backwards
The twists and the bends

Feel the sadness the sorrow as deep as the sea. The future unknowing under the clouds we breathe. Living in the dark with the sun shining down. And still being lost despite of the whispering sounds

The world we knew is gone. We take silent steps together toward the sun. Running, leaping past the moon. Soaring by, never stopping once to catch an eye. Never glancing back at the earth below

Close our eyes and fall. All we have now, is what we wished. You have never wanted to come with me. But now we are here and we never have to leave

Running away to mars is what we will always do. Being together flying away surpassing all we used to believe. The stars gently touching as we fly by. Loving always what cannot meet the eyes.

This is real.This is now This is us We Change. We Love. We fight. We lose.

Yet, you live in the past. You can't go back. I want change. I want you. Even thought tonight it all ends.

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