Miracle of a Six-Year-Old

March 21, 2010
By kpod5 GOLD, Hopkinton, Massachusetts
kpod5 GOLD, Hopkinton, Massachusetts
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The whistle blows, I feel a push,
I’m on the ground with thousands of tiny pebbles digging into my knees.
Six years old,
pushed down by some boy I don’t know.
I feel two holes in my mouth with my tongue
where teeth should be.
I remember that I had two loose teeth…
Oh no!
How will I get money from the tooth fairy?
Six years old,
I believe in the tiny fairy, tossing and turning as she spouts pixy dust ,
uses her wand to make a dollar bill appear in the place of my tooth under my pillow.
But how will that happen if I don’t have the teeth?!
Mrs. McMahon’s caring eyes and smile spoke to me,
as not to worry.
The note she writes for me to put in place of my teeth will allow the tooth fairy to grant me my prize.
Six years old,
I have moved on to a new thought.
At home, my mother notices the raisins in my teeth.
Deep, empty, black holes that lead to the memory of that afternoon…
We go back.
Through the tiny, white pebbles we searched.
Extra white?
Extra small?
Extra pointy?
What would be the solution to finding these teeth?
They appear.
Six years old,
I learn that miracles do happen.
My mother finds the two small pebbles that used to fill the raisins in my six-year-old mouth.
No need to put that note my teacher wrote under my pillow.
The real thing will go there now.
8:30 PM: Teeth, pillow, my head.
There’s the order.
7:00 am: George Washington, pillow, my joyous head and smile.
There’s the new order.

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