What is "He"?

March 21, 2010
By pansyykins BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
pansyykins BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
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Glance down,
Eyes parked away from
Other all seeing and knowing pool in a
Shame laced state of

god, did he glance
Down in
Shame burned veins of

What a dog “He” was with
Accusing spiteful dagger throwing
Orbs that cause a
Recoil so swift the world is left

Never would “He”,
Allow such an ear piercing
Explosion of glass and
Pain and veins resonate if
“He” ever did care
Enough to take away all those

Glance up,
Eyes parked upon a
Cross so brightly overbearing in all those,
Those bulls*** “rights” they preach by, the
Mind would spin with
Shame hazed clouds and
Bitter contempt as
Hearts swelled,
Veins expanding hot
Arteries pumping out a
Pungent burning acid that
No mucus membrane in
Mortal man could ever handle circulating.

Souls lifted,
And dropped
Eyes, glance down;

The author's comments:
A bitter expression on a nontypical opinion on organized religion and collective ideals of what god is to a person. It was not written to offend anyone in the least.

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