What Did I Do?

March 20, 2010
By youngjizzy5 BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
youngjizzy5 BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
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“Disappointments come in life all the time but if it doesn’t kill you, it’ll definitely make you stronger..”

What did i do to you
why does it have to be this way
ive been so true to you
and loving you more everyday
its not my fault
that she did you bad
why are you treating me like this?
are you really that sad?
i can see cupid now
writing our names in the sky
shooting the arrow down at yours
writing "meant to be" under mine
your sister told me what she did
and how much you really cared too
all i think in my head now
is she dont deserve you
i know things werent perfect
when we were together
lets make this a new start
hopefully we will last forever

The author's comments:
i wrote this piece when i was going out with my best friends brother. his ex girlfriend before me had cheated on him after about 2 years and he was so heartbroken. he confessed to his sister that he thought i was just like his ex and i really wasnt. he ended up going out with this other girl after i broke up with him and when things didnt work out between them, he kept sayin "why is it that the only girl that treated me right was jizzy?" but he wasnt treating me right at all. i always hear adults saying "you never know what you got until its gone" and i think that he knows exactly how that feels now.

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