Sentiments at Seventeen

March 20, 2010
By Anna,Banana.289 BRONZE, Greenbrier, Arkansas
Anna,Banana.289 BRONZE, Greenbrier, Arkansas
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When the tension in my shoulders feels like my fingers getting slammed in the door,
And I can’t fake the goody-goody girl for one more second,
And the teacher yells in my face like a coach losing the Super Bowl,
And he simply walks off without even a cruel word like I mean less than nothing.

And I try to appreciate the beauty
And I try to glide soulfully down the long hallway,
But the fake smile plastered on my face would never even fool a fool.

And the room glares down my throat like I was the one they had been looking for.

And my teeth are clenched like root canal gone all wrong.
And my face is fuming with his slight touch on her back.
And the philosophy boys try to tell me all the right answers, but their prose is too confusing.
And the minutes weigh heavy like a fat man.

The hotel is grimy
And my luggage is too nice for the one-star carpet.
And I feel alone like the waitress who refills my stale coffee.

When he comes back and he truly feels sorry,
I will have already gotten over him
And he will have to live with the memory of my walking out of his life.

When I am out of bondage and the cage opens wide,
And the lyrics of timeworn song come to mind,
And I watch the movie of my youth when times were carefree,
And I wish I could replay that moment I had with you a hundred times fold.

Then you lift me in your grasp and your gentle arms hold tight and can’t let go.

The daunting words of your power come out harsh,
But the words ring true in my innocent ear.
And I am forced to grow up and leave my childness behind,
But the person staring back at me is someone I never thought I would become.

When the veins in the color changing leaf show magnificence,
And you make me a flower necklace to wear with my cotton, cerulean dress,
And you twirl me in the forest on the first day of spring,
making the rays from the earth’s sun sparkle through our first kiss.

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