I'm Done!

March 26, 2010
By Kristin Cotner BRONZE, Whitmore Lake, Michigan
Kristin Cotner BRONZE, Whitmore Lake, Michigan
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I try to help
But do you take it
Of course not
Because you're a man.
I know a man can't stand
to ask for help.
They're not supposed to
Well I don't care.
I'm done caring.
Life isn't fair
One day you're fine
then the next you're not.
I may be yuoung
but this much is true.
You need HELP!
I'm here for you
But do you care
Of course not.
You have your bottle of Vodka.
That's all you need
It helps to fill that empty void in your life
Which I call emotions.
You feel no pain
You feel no love
Just because when you were younger
you weren't shown the love that you deserved.
Doesn't mean that you're kids feel the same as you.
We feel
We love
We hurt.
And when I see you drink like you do.
Hammered as a dog.
That's when I hurt most of all.
Everyday we loose those dear to us
and you will be with them someday soon at the rate you're going
I don't want to loose you just yet
I love you with all my heart
You're the pop to my tart.
So listen to me
Stop what you're doing
and get some help.
Don't you see how much I care?
How much I cry over you?
My pillows and clothes probably have stains
from where my tears have fallen at night
If walls could feel
they would feel hatred towards you
love and compassion for me
sorrow for my family.
And I'd bet you didn't know
everytime I see you drink
I cry myself to sleep.
I wish you'd stop
and look around
to see all of us who care.
Would you stop if I asked?
Or would you take in more?
Do you see how you hurt me so?
You drink as though you don't care.
There's probably thousands of liters
just from today.
If you don't care how long you live
If you don't care to never to see your grandchildren
Walk me
your own daughter down the isle
Or even see me graduate.
Is it worth having everyone around you suffer?
If so,
then go ahead
keep drinking
just don't ask me to watch!

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