March 25, 2010
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All Hope destroyed,
"Who will save us?"
Once abandoned bt God,
"Who will save us?"
Yet we destroy all we pretend to cherish
As the Grim Sage rises, will we fall?
"Thanatos! Thanatos!"
His followers will call,
Already forsaken by our Parent.
"Thanatos! Thanatos! Please save us all!"
The people will plead.
A smile showing all teeth,
Slender fingers, worn with what it holds;
Trying to slow down time with will alone
Wanting to make more of what he holds.
"We praise! We love!"
They'll shout out
Loosing all fate, becoming fully damned.
And yet we destroy all we pretend to cherish.
He wishes to please,
He gathers the lost whom want to live;
Gambling the kiss of painful death
Life being the reward.
"We desire to destroy your enemy!"
Thanatos! Thanatos!

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