7 Ways

March 25, 2010
The star and the moons.
Three for Winter, one star for day.
The light sheds and the ominous night grabs you more harshly than you ever thought.

A little child is afraid of the dark and can't fall back asleep -
even with three moons, the light isn't enough.
It won't be 'til morning that she finally gets her rest,
but not enough, because now the star is too bright.

The still, black sky is the only roof he knows,
the beams of the moons bounce off his eyes -
hope, only for the moment.

Miles away she catches a glimpse from her window,
imagines what it would be like,
what if there was no star in the sky?

But no matter if night or day is here,
there is a star in the sky.
The moons smile and the star winks,
embracing you in the warmth of their light.

We think we can,
but we know we can't,
live without the light of the sun,
and the embrace of the Winter moons.
We deny for our own selfish pride,
yet we still rely on.

The world gets dark,
with no moon to cast a greatness over the night,
we get scared,
though it's just night.
Stars are no more than flashlights,
you just rest assured,
that the One with power to the switch,
will never turn off the light.

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