March 25, 2010
By kennys777 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
kennys777 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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As I sit and look.
In and old but dusty shed.
As you sit and put the led zeppelin CD and play a stairway to heaven.
I wonder if the once slumbering death now crawls and pumps through your very veins.
As you puff your life away, you ask me not to judge you.
But as I refuse to fall in addiction, I can’t but wonder were did you go wrong.
Where did time go, what happen to that little boy?
What happen to the basketball fanatic?
What happen to the future game producer of crash bandicoot?
Now all that is left are stars those very stars that fuel me.
Whether the sky is as cloudy as steam room.
Or the sky is as bright as a supernova.
There are always stars.
Stars willing to shine for a glimpse of hope.
Even if the world brings to life hate, pain, and suffering.
Stars make me believe there is still hope.

The author's comments:
This poem was inspierd by my friend who was a inspiration for me

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