The Blind Individuality

March 25, 2010
By Metallicajunkie DIAMOND, Hartfield, Virginia
Metallicajunkie DIAMOND, Hartfield, Virginia
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Stuck in silence,
harassed by questions that have no answers.
Blinded by the dark,
haunted by the shadows that substitute the light.
Running only to soon trip,
laying on the ground faced with a dirty road.
Screaming only to be silenced,
a stranger's hand covers my mouth.
Tears falling, hitting the ground,
craving the once sweet taste.
Standing alone,
taking life on with closed eyes.
Seeing no point in sight,
because it only leads me to darker places.
Just gouge out these misleading eyes,
save me the trouble and let me live blind.
Just one less sense to misguide me,
I'm on my way to a better state of mind.
I'd rather live in a tiny little room,
than wander in the free world.
Trap me in a cage,
put me on display in a freak show.
Advertise the truth,
tell the crowd how I am the man who chose imprisonment.
Yes I am strange,
so keep me separate from the ordinary man.
I'm the rare creature called individuality.
Cage me, claim me as a trophy,
do as you please, just keep me away from mankind.
His ignorance only feeds my frustration,
like fuel for a burning fire,
it burns hot and strong.
Keep freedom far away from me,
let me not smell its eluding scent.
Misused, misjudged, mislead, and misguided,
I've been through too much to explore the free world.
Like an abused animal,
I'm just awaiting for my chance to exact my revenge.
As the seconds go by I grin an evil grin,
counting down the moments until my time comes.
Wishing, watching, and waiting,
I see my chance, I seize it and squeeze it.
Watching it suffocate and die,
no longer am I opposed by this threat.
Though I now have no one to care for me in this cage,
I'd rather die cramped than allow this ignorant race to control its leaders.

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