Titan Heart

March 24, 2010
By EscapistWriter BRONZE, Franklin, Massachusetts
EscapistWriter BRONZE, Franklin, Massachusetts
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Titan Heart

Pure titans, in the tower of the world,
In battle all their emotions unfurled,
Crime aware and punishment foretold,
Hearts ensnared, and see-through eyes bold.
Sparkling glimmers bare.

That sapphire of the stars,
Her hurtful past of afars,
She remembers her beast side,
It will come in checkered heartbreak-tide,
In this cage-free bird, you’ll confide.

Escapist born of air, with the mask, telling all,
Sacrificed one wing for Raven’s fall,
The nymph of Land did him deeply enthrall,
Terra forever enslaved to metal shade’s call,
She, herself a disgrace to Gaia.

Black blue, induced in fear,
Under black shadow, crying a bloody tear
Every hour, the warm salt comes close to sear,
Upon seventeenth will she lose all that’s dear.

To wipe away each tear she loves to cry,
Boy in the beast, all too shy,
Black and green are in eternal tie,
That kiss they shared, never a lie.

The Odysseus of human lightning,
His silver power so enticing,
Soul, one so ever inviting,
Kindness worth knighting.

Titans, tempests forevermore,
Joined by the iron cross,
Errant to embrace no help,
Emotions loose in each core.

Titans, hidden in ashes and tears,
Sharing forever their hopes and fears,
Precious for so many years,
Dear to each other in flying tears.

The author's comments:
Once again inspired by Teen Titans.

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