March 24, 2010
is an illusion.
People think they have
over other people,
but they don't.

is just suggestion,
not real control.

is a tool of control.

a rule is a command.
It can be followed,
or broken.
But it is not control.

Happen because of following,
or not following rules.
Not from refusing to be

Slaves are not controlled,
they are forced.
They have rules,
if not followed,
there can be negitive consequenses.

I have rules to be obeyed.
I can follow them,
or break them.
I have consequenses,
good or bad.
But I control myself,
no one else controls me.

Not everyone gets this concept.
Any can plant an orange tree,
anywhere they want.
They may want
an apple or a pear,
but they will get an orange.
No one can make it grow,
but they can help it,
nurture it,
care for it,
belive in it.

In all,
don't control,
don't be controlled,
and let go of the illusion of control.

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