The Monster

March 15, 2010
By Anonymous

The monster never hurts you physically, but his words beat you down.
His very presence causes you more emotional pain that a person can handle at once.
He makes you feel like you’ve had all the physical and emotional pain that is existing in the world.
His very staring pierces your eyes and his words stab you like a knife.
But the monster is not alone…and neither are you.
Even his words to others hurt you, like the strongest punch in the stomach you could ever receive.
You cannot even be safe inside your own thoughts, he gets you there to.
He makes you feel scared and weak, hopeless and violated.
The things he does to you make you wake up as a new person.
You can even become a new person instantly within the impact of his words…if they get to you enough…
And after he has transformed you into a new person, you are depressed and careless and can’t go back to your old self…
Hardly anyone can share your fear and pain, only the other victims.
You wake up knowing that soon you’ll have to face the monster alone, hoping that day will be the day he goes after someone else.
Any good emotion you could possibly have left is like an ocean wave, it only lasts so long before it crashes.
And the monster is the one who makes it crash.
Any horrible physical pain you have had in the past you would wish to go through a thousand times just so for a while the monster would leave you alone.
The monster and the victims who eventually become somewhat like him feed off of other people misery.
He makes you miserable so that way he doesn’t have to be.
His looks toward you and others make your poor and wasted hearty skip a beat.
And when your heart starts beating again it sends a pulse of shock through your whole body.
You don’t have the ability anymore to believe what he’s done to you, you just suffer.
The monster doesn’t have the ability to love another person.
The only feeling of love he could possibly feel is loving to hate you, to make you miserable and tortured, to love to make your life a living hell.
He kills your soul slowly, and he does it that way because it is worse for you and it is better for him.
Its not that the monster can’t hurt physically, he chooses not to hurt you physically because when he does it that way it doesn’t hurt enough.
He makes you fear everything that he will do to torture you next.
He slowly kills you, like burning alive in slow motion, lasting for years.
And then your like him, its like a transformation, he does it to you, and when the transformation is completer he moves on and your start doing it to others.
YOU become the monster…the population of these monsters just grow larger and larger…
The monster will find a happy person and make them their victim, and no matter what you do, you can’t escape.
Once he chooses you there is no way out.
This is just the beginning of the terrifying powers of THE MONSTER…

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