March 15, 2010
By SadieJayy BRONZE, Lamar, Missouri
SadieJayy BRONZE, Lamar, Missouri
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mom,i want to love you
it's plain to see.

But that habbit you have,
you choose it over me.

You say "your sorry",
but i've heard all this before.

But this pain you cause me
it's hard to endure.

Your drunk again,
thats nothing new.

my question is mom "how long
do you want me to wait for you?"

Your life is getting shorter,and
i am getting older.

Your yelling at her,my dear sweet

This mom,just will not fly.

she gets more bruises as the days
go by.

Were leaving mom,moving far away.

So don't say your sorry for
today is the day.

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