March 14, 2010
By camillagreen BRONZE, Superior, Colorado
camillagreen BRONZE, Superior, Colorado
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Two genes, sir? Coming right up.
What would you like to be a cross between?
Perhaps Female 4b and Male 27a...
A wonderful blend.
Generally results in a cute, little blond child.
Cute, indeed. Smart?
Well, intellect does carry over as a dominant gene, if you're too choose say--
Male 16d, 32c, or 64b,
and mix with Female 123h, or 321e.
It's all in the mix.
Ah, you want a unique hybrid?
I don't believe I've heard of such a request.
I've got artsy, or sporty, or pretty, or nerdy,
Or gutsy, or stealthy, or worldly, or dirty.
But new?
A brand new creation?
Now why would you want that,
When I can guarantee you a perfect hybrid.

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