Liar's Fear

March 14, 2010
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Liars fear more than the norm / They fear anxiously / They fear to be caught. / The world matters not, not even if all it falls / As long as their mystery succeeds / The hell with the world/ The hell with me. / It is a fear that all men know / And women also / And if you say “No”, / That just assures. / Liars, liars / All orators do it well/ Writers, Poets, Lawyers, Politicians, and Actors.

Is that why I do, / I mean lie of course? / I think I lie to make it worth the while / But I lie to keep it inside. / My precious jewels insides / Like organs with needed functions, without / I would die. / You would pay handsomely for them / Even cut me with the knife to get them / Then transplant / What’s mine would be yours… / I object. / It’s barbaric you truth seeker / To open me up to satisfy your own selfish needs. / You want and you want / So you take it from me, / It’s cool I don’t mind / I’m only dying…because of you / No one matters but you. / Still, even with my argument, you can’t / Stop. It isn’t an option. / All the truth burned away / Will reform in ashes. / Tainted and deformed.

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