That One Day

March 14, 2010
Crying out in the night
Pain rips through my body
My memories flash back
To the day he said the words
The ones that ripped my heart in two
I sat outside the door
As she told him her lies
about our love
Tears rolled down his face
I saw him shake with agony
She walked out and looked me in the eye
Dared to give a fake look of regret
I walked in and he refused my hug
I could tell, he believed every word
The look he gave was almost of hate
He grimaced and said he knew everything
I denied nothing: There was no use
Tuning out feeling as if I was dreaming
I can't remember how, only that he did it
Ended it and walked out the door
Tears running he never looked back to see
The tears that I had and to see my face
People downstairs, they are there for me
I had to act happy, for it was my birthday
She dared look me in the eye and smile
Gave me a hug and said she was there
8 months later and its still so raw
As I look at his picture
And the ring he gave
He will always be
my first love

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